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   The Fruit Of "PATIENCE" (2nd in the Series the "Fruit of the Spirit")        (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma
    A Godly Geneology - (1st in the Series on "The Fruits of the Spirit")
  "Our Attitutudes Have Descendants"                                                   (MP3 Audio)
 Calvin Bergsma
     Understanding Personal Space                                                       (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma
     The Headwaters Of Thankfulness                                                    (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma
      "Peace" Living Free From The Intimidation Of Fear                      (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma 
      What Children Teach Us                                                                 (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma 
      Not My Will, But Thine Be Done                                                     (MP3 Audio)   Calvin Bergsma 
     The Prescription For Emotional Healing   Calvin Bergsma 
      Learning To Lead In Marriage   Calvin Bergsma 
     lLearning To Lead As A Parent   Calvin Bergsma 
      The Advantage Of A Limp   Calvin Bergsma